Girl Boss. Pt. 1

Gabriele Gineikaite


Thousands books about how it should be developed and managed are written, some people run lectures or share their tips about it. I, myself, can’t actually tell you much about the peculiarities of it. However I hear that I am often being called an “entrepreneur”, “manager”, or a “founder” … Am I?

Well my own „baby“ – my business is successfully running for four years already, so what I can and want to do – tell you my story. How it all started and how I got where I am now 🙂

Gabriele Gineikaite
I am already proud of my expanding team and successfully evolving business

Some people start their business only after completing specialized studies, while others just can’t find the right product or service for their needs, so they just create it on their own. Some people are dreaming about it since fifth grade, while others  just fall in the right place at the right time.

As in my case?

Today I want to tell you about fatal 9 months of my life – from the idea to the very start of the project (actually only now, writing this sentence, did I really realize that it took just as much time like to carry a baby) and after that I will tell you … well, you’ll see 🙂

In high-school I was constantly stressed. I was afraid I won’t find my place in life because I didn’t know what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. All I knew that I was into arts and design, and repeatedly told myself that popular phrase – “I want to be my own boss”. In fact, I had no idea what to do up until I’ve met a guy I now call my fiancée. 🙂 He saw my abilities and directed them purposefully to create an empire of women’s clothing that became “Top to Bottom”. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement!

At the beginning of that summer, after just celebrating my birthday, I started looking for ideas. Search lasted a long time, but I burned with unexplained enthusiasm… I visited museums, watched movies, browsed Pinterest. I was looking everywhere for anything, but didn’t exactly knew what to look for.

Finally – I found it. The one dress – perfect, unseen, unheard, a complete novelty to me, it totally blew up my brain.

When I discovered the MULTI dress model, I realized that it was THE ONE who I will be working on and dress up Lithuanian (and not only) girls.

Top To Bottom
Very first model of my MULTI dress

I didn’t know anything about business, I just knew that it will require a lot of money… I sold my newly-built cottage, bought two sewing machines and moved in with my boyfriend. Everything went very fast and chaotic.

I learned how to sew and made a bunch of different MULTI dresses with a sole help of YouTube tutorials. I was ecstatic!

Top To Bottom2
Searching for the right model

I realized that my sewing skills are far from professional, I needed to improve, so the same summer I joined the College of Design. It was tough … I hated most of the teachers. I felt that most of the assignments were plain absurd.

I was not pleased with my studies…

It was also unfortunate that teachers in the art school punished us for discussing with classmates. I was actually once told to sit in the back the class… SERIOUSLY?! I came here to develop creativity, and was punished for communication with peers just like in preschool…

Just 3 months after the start of the studies I decided to drop out and instead appoint all my time to individual classes with fabric constructors, tailors and fashion designers. In parallel, I started to model the whole structure of my future brand: name, main message, logo, labels and so on.

Top To Bottom3
In process of right brand concept

My brand needed to be feminine, so I chose famous MULTI dress as a main product and gave myself a deadline – I had to start a project in the very begging of spring. The first step was plain and simple – to create a Facebook page. 🙂

I chose to start on March 8th. International women’s day. I’m still very happy with this decision! 🙂 Woman’s Day is much more to me than a a bouquet of tulips – my nine-month-old ”baby” – was finally born that day! 🙂

Top To Bottom4
Very 1st day of ”Top to Bottom”

That fateful March 8, 2015 I felt only three things – excitement, stress and fear.

Of course there were unexpected obstacles – the internet went down at home that evening, so I had to press the first PUBLISH button all by myself, sitting at the pizza place near my home! I smile to this day when reminiscing about this interesting start 🙂

And then … and then, my dear – a life began that revolved only around TTB 🙂 It became popular very quick, but I definitely was not ready for it.

Top To Bottom5
I had to constantly improve models

What happened after that? I could tell you more now, but you’ll need to forget the rest of your work today, because it is impossible not to expand this story … 🙂

The last four years were AMAZING. I went through so many changes during them – I’ve grown as a person and as a creator  It is an incredible journey.

I have to finish here for now, but if I caught your attention – please, don’t hesitate to write me! I will tell you more about what happened next in another of my blog posts, okay? 🙂

Thank you for being!
Until next time,


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