Unforgettable and only one in your life – 100 days left in highschool celabration!

Multiway dress, infinity dress

Hello, dear! 😉

Finishing 12th grade? The end of an era is coming! Admit it – you’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.

I personally thought I’d be the happiest at this time, however, I still remember that my feelings were mixed – I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Only 100 days left… Of course in the mornings you will no longer need to get out of your warm and comfy bed and go sit in the school bench! But things that have so far been so common, such as sneaking with classmates with whom you wrote anonymous notes to your crush, your favorite or not-so-much teachers and school window sills, on which you have hastily written down homework from a classmate – everything will be left in the past. Enjoy each remaining day of school!

A celebration that will remind you that there is little left is coming soon.

Why is it still important to me?

When I started my own brand, I was already couple years after finishing school, but I always wanted to see the circle of graduates among my clients. I always idealize those 12 years in school during which we grow up and become individuals. Last celebrations of them are important and significant occasions.

The fourth “Top to Bottom” preparation for this event is coming. For me as a creator, to be a part of this celebration in the lives of other girls, is a great honor and responsibility.

I remember how a few days ago, spending time with my partner, I was hastily walking around our office and kept on repeating: “Vaida, girls trust us! We have to be better, stronger, more responsible in preparing and delighting our customers, contributing to the one of their most important occasions! Girls must look wonderful! ”. She agrees – this is our mission! 🙂

Basics of preperation

My advice is to prepare for this celebration in advance and responsibly. Let’s face it, you want to be THE hottest topic of the remaining 100 days of school 🙂

Over the years of “Top To Bottom” existence, I kept track of what my customers want for this special day.
Every year girls tend to choose the shorter length MULTI dresses, which are sewn for girls according to their individual measurements. Usually we also combine tulle skirts with which we get different, more interesting and luxurious look.

Less graduates choose floor-length, maxi dresses but if you have any doubts, I always advise to choose the longer one… There is a trick behind it – such dress can always be shortened! In addition, you can also change the way of wearing it. Therefore you will look completely different everytime. Same dress can be worn for other celebrations, for example – prom. 🙂

In 2018, we introduced a new collection of wrap-over dresses – „CITY JUNGLE“. These dresses are made with sleeves, so they are more suitable for the colder weather. I hope these models will conquer the hearts of our young clients 🙂

Key details

Don’t know which color to choose? For those hesitating, I always recommend black – it’s a safe classic. You can can never go wrong with it + it’s the most practical color. By the way, depending on the normal weather conditions of the day, I always offer more rich colors like burgundy, chocolate or dark blue. Among the most popular we also have red and nude-colored dresses.

Img 8115

One of the biggest problems I see when talking to graduates is the recurring question – is there a high probability of meeting someone from my school with the same dress? Theoretically, yes, but I can reassure you – by purchasing a dress from me, you will pick it from many colors, many different lengths and patterns. Most importantly, there are at least a dozen different ways of wearing it. So to meet a completely identical “twin” during the same celebration is almost impossible 🙂 Even if this happens – you will be able to change the way how you wear your dress in a creative way, you know, just how they show in the advertisements on TV. 🙂

Small details are also vital for completing any image! Tights, accessories, shoes, clutch, hairstyle, etc…

The TTB team and I will always be happy to help, but I‘ll give you another secret – „Make me Stylish“ group on Facebook. They are professional stylists that will give you the finest sense of completeness. 🙂

So if you are a graduate, I wish you fun and easy preparation, happy party and know, that I always look forward seeing you at the „Top to Bottom“ Studio in Vilnius!

Thank you for being!
Until next time,


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