Hey, you probably came here to check who we are? So…

„Top to Bottom“ is a Lithuanian fashion brand which focuses on convertible, multi-functioning clothing for women. Our uniqueness is that our production is being handmade of the best quality material. Also, most of the items are sewn by individual measurements so it ensures a perfect fitting and comfortable wearing. Our production varies from beautiful Multi dresses which are suitable for all body types to extraordinary swimsuits which can be worn in several different ways. Choosing us you are choosing to be beautiful from top to bottom!

„Top to Bottom“ – experts in high quality, handmade convertible clothes for women. The secret of our success is attention to the details. We believe that there is no limit for perfection and creativity, for this reason we are constantly improving our old products and creating new ones which would exceed the expectations of our clients. As fashion creators we have a goal that every single woman would feel beautiful from top to bottom.


„Top to Bottom“ is not a new brand anymore but I am really glad that we are the only ones in Lithuania who make extraordinary design, multifunctional clothes which enable you to make different looks with the same item. Personally, I highly appreciate versatility of clothes. Matching it with other clothes or adding some accessories, allows you to wear the same piece for different occassions. This idea reflects in all our collections where you won‘t find items which are difficult to combine.

All „Top to Bottom“ production is 100% handmade so we are sure that quality will not let our clients down. Every year the amount of our clients is growing but we are not planning to start mass manufacturing in the factories. Our main rule is that quality is more important than quantity. For this reason we release new collections not so often but they are remarkable and unique.

Probably none of the „young“ brands have such rich photo gallery of happy and satisfied customers. Their feedback and gratitude are the biggest appreciation of our work because it means that they feel beautiful and satisfied of their look. And for me as a designer, it is the biggest goal.

The vision of our brand is to make every woman to feel pretty. Not only in Lithuania but worldwide. For this reason I am super happy having well chosen team which helps me to move forward.

„Be yourself, be beautiful from Top to Bottom“

The Team

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Founder and Creative Designer of „Top to Bottom“ who makes ideas into amazing creations. Besides many other works Gabrielė keeps up the team spirit and ensures its qualitative work.

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You can recognize her as one of the main faces of TTB. She is also the one who will greet you at our studio with a bright smile, help you choose your perfect dress and show many interesting ways how to wear them!

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Project coordinator

Liveta takes care of resource balances and coordinates internal projects. She also looks over cooperations with partners and aims to successfully execute everything she lays hands on.

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Quality controller

Ensures that you receive only quality products. Carefully checks and confirms each garment, pack them impeccably and make sure it reaches you on time.

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TTB studio manager in Kaunas

She is the one who will greet you at our studio in Kaunas. Always will help you to choose perfectly fit outfits and answer to all your questions.